For your convenience, our 10 most common interview questions are answered right here.

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  1. Q: Tell me about yourself.

     A: Give approximately a one-minute answer about your work experience. Do not talk about your personal life.

2. Q: Tell me the reason(s) that you would like to work here or the reason(s) that you are interested in this position.

     A: Talk about the role and duties that you would be doing day to day. Do not talk about the salary or the benefits.

3. Q: Tell me the reason(s) that you left your last job or are planning to leave your current job.

     A: You may want to explain a reason such as recently moved or something that will not discuss the conflicts with your co-workers or manager. You do not want to bad mouth your previous places of employment.

4. Q: Tell me the reasons why you would excel at this job.

     A: This would be a great time to explain your experience and all of your skills that sets you apart from everyone else.

5. Q: Tell me how much you know about our company.

     A: Prior to your interview, this would be the time go to the company website and research how they are different from other companies in the field that you are searching for positions.

6. Q: Tell me about a difficult situation or dealing with a difficult customer.

     A: Think about your answer for this question on how you dealt with these issues in your past employment and the best way to solve the issues. Please remember to give examples that had a positive outcome.

7. Q: Tell me what you would do in the first 90 days of this position.

     A: The interviewer wants to know if you are able to set realistic goals and if you will be able to achieve the goals that you have presented to them. Remember to not set goals that you are not able to achieve and most of all let them know that you will need to get to know your TEAM!

8. Q: Tell me what is most important to you in this position, if you were hired.

     A: The interviewer is looking to see if this position is the right fit for you. For example: Is this position, a position at a desk all day with the same function all day everyday? Do you want to do different duties throughout the day? Think about the duties that the position requires to make sure that you have the answers for the interviewer.

9. Q: Tell me the salary range that you would like.

     A: It is important to research the market for your position that you are seeking. Do not low ball that amount of salary that you would like, if the market research is paying this amount for this position.

10. Q: Do you have any questions for me?

     A: This would be the time to ask the interviewer about any clarifications to the role and the culture. You may also want to ask about the timeframe of the hiring process and the next step. Do not ask about the pay or benefits at this time.