Macy’s joins Kohl’s, Target in hiring cautiously for holiday season


Macy’s joins Kohl’s, Target in hiring cautiously for holiday season

(Reuters) – U.S. retailers are taking a cautious view of the holiday selling season this year – if their temporary hiring plans are anything to go by.

Macy’s Inc, which operates the namesake Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s department store chains, said on Tuesday it would hire 83,000 temporary workers for the holiday quarter, a 2 percent decline from last year.

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Clerical jobs get cut first as Hillsborough school with more to come?


TAMPA — About 50 clerical workers in the Hillsborough County School District’s central offices have had their jobs eliminated and are looking for other district positions as officials look to steer more money to classrooms.

Research shows the 3 top things Millennials expect


The 3 top things that Millennials expect from their employers are the following:

  1. Advanced opportunities
  2. Competitive pay
  3. Challenging assignments

Surprisingly, research shows that Millennials do not care about perks of the job. Millennials are now studying about a job before accepting a job. Their main focus is to advance in a career and competitive pay. Keeping great employees are really hard now. So, when going to an interview, employers are not the only one to interview. Future employee’s should be interviewing the future employer also to make sure that the job is the right fit for YOU.

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Did you know that the level of layoffs are at the near the lowest in years?


In the past two months the number of layoffs are lowest in years. The unemployment benefits filed last week fell by 4,000 even with the slow economy growth.

However, this is not counting the “missing workers” that have not filed for unemployment benefits and are currently seeking employment. For more information about  “missing workers” and the unemployment, click the link below.

Did you hear that ITT Tech will be closing all campuses Nationwide?


ITT Tech campuses announced that they are closing all campuses nationwide. They have already closed multiple locations leaving students and staff unknown what to do from here. This affects 35,000 students at 137 campuses and about 8,000 employees.

Students should check with your location to see about transferring your credits and federal student loans changed or discharged. For more information, contact